Greater Sacramento is dedicated to positioning companies for success, combining the most innovative economy in the world with the Capital of the 5th largest economy in the world.

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Outpacing the nation and the state in degree achievement, the talent pool is young, educated and growing rapidly.


Northern California’s diversity and dynamism alongside competitive operating costs offer significant value.


Proximity, transportation and telecommunications efficiently connect the six-county region to the Bay Area and beyond.

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Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze
Aaron Klein,
CEO of Riskalyze

I think it’s been hugely beneficial to be based in Sacramento, instead of in Valley. We’re able to recruit amazing talent who move here for the quality of life and affordability of the region.

Growth on the horizon

Pivotal developments are changing the economic landscape in Greater Sacramento, driving growth and innovation.

The Railyards

The 244-acre Railyards, the largest infill downtown development in the west, is set for exponential growth.

Aggie Square

The UC Davis technology and innovation park will house 500,000+ sq. ft. of life science anchored lab space in downtown Sacramento.

California Mobility Center

Based on the PEM Motion model in Aachen, Germany, the California Mobility Center will support, fund and commercialize new future mobility technologies and develop and promote new business and policy models for adoption on the international stage.

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