Greater Sacramento offers not only an energetic environment in which businesses thrive but also one that fosters prosperity for its residents. Employees can choose to live in one of the region’s many urban, suburban and foothill communities while saving immensely on housing and other living expenses. Excellent K-12 schools, a thriving urban core and miles of outdoor spaces make the region a dynamic home.

An ideal place to raise a family

Greater Sacramento is home to five of the top cities in Northern California to raise a family:

El Dorado Hills




Elk Grove



Less time spent in traffic

On average, Greater Sacramento residents spend significantly less time in traffic per year than other major markets.

Source: INRIX Research 2018

Cost of Living

Companies reap the benefits of Greater Sacramento’s growing talent pool and connection to key assets while employees save up to 139% on living expenses.

Healthcare & K-12 education

Supported by a strong selection of healthcare providers and a quality K-12 education system, Greater Sacramento offers a solid foundation for its residents to thrive.

Culture & Recreation

Greater Sacramento has something for everyone, from an exciting arts scene to national sports teams and a plethora of local wineries and breweries.

What’s Next Out West

Enjoy the best of everything in Greater Sacramento, California’s best kept secret.