Why Zennify Moved to Greater Sacramento Over Other West Coast Regions

Greater Sacramento

March 14, 2018

Why Zennify Moved to Greater Sacramento Over Other West Coast Regions

Why did you choose the Sacramento region to do business?

“Talent. When we started the business, we utilized lower cost technical resources in offshore locations. This staffing strategy was suboptimal and did not align with our culture. We decided to recruit and vet technical talent in two prospective cities – Sacramento and Salt Lake City. Sacramento surpassed expectations – clients were delighted, and our cloud consulting practice blossomed. We aligned on Sacramento as our strategic office for our Salesforce practice and have not looked back.”

What are the benefits of living and doing business in the Sacramento region?

“I moved here from the Bay Area. From a living standpoint, we have the optimal balance of just about everything here. The outdoors, a thriving city where I can go see Kendrick Lamar at an incredible music Venue and get awesome eats after the show, ease of access to all things Cali, and of course affordability. Also, don’t sleep on Sacramento and sports – From the Kings, Sac Republic, High School football, local youth sports that rival So Cal and the bay all day.

Doing business here has been fantastic – great business community and local leadership that facilitate meaningful and impactful connections. Sacramento enables startups to rapidly Scale. The team at Greater Sacramento has been a valuable and influential partner and advisor during this process.”

Do you believe your location in the Sacramento region has helped you find quality talent?

“Local technical talent here from institutions like Sacramento State Computer Science and others have exceeded expectations and ultimately swung the decision to Sacramento as our hub.”

Why do you choose to do business in California over other states?

“Innovation flourishes here. Growing up the in-Bay Area, going to college at Cal Poly SLO, and starting up a tech firm here in Sac – it’s just a natural process.”

What is your favorite restaurant or hangout spot in the Sacramento region?

“Mikuni’s is our spot, but it blew me away that Harlowe’s is hosting a gig with Pete Rock in February.”

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