Faye Nabhani (SAFE Credit Union)

Greater Sacramento

Faye Nabhani is CEO and President of SAFE Credit Union and a member of GSEC’s Board of Directors. Learn more about why she values economic development, working with GSEC and living and working in the Greater Sacramento region in the Q&A below.

As a regional leader, why is economic development important to you?

Economic development is the backbone for a successful, vibrant, and healthy region. It drives business and job creation by supporting new enterprises and optimizing targeted opportunities. As the CEO and president of one of the region’s largest credit unions, I see firsthand how jobs and businesses provide stability and financial freedom for families to live comfortably and plan for their future. But economic development doesn’t occur on its own. It takes leadership and vision to ensure that we are prepared for what the future brings, be that through education, providing the support and resources for growing industries, and knowing how to pivot when challenges arise.  You may have heard about the study by the Institute of the Future that states that 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. As a region, economic development assists us in laying the foundation in preparation of identifying and capitalizing on future opportunities while supporting existing businesses today.


What excites you most about being part of GSEC?

I appreciate being in the driver’s seat in helping shape our region’s economy. I like working alongside other talented leaders in finding solutions and exploring opportunities. Each GSEC board member brings unique experiences that collectively provide a more comprehensive view of the area’s needs and how economic development may impact and benefit many industries and communities. As a group of strong leaders, we certainly challenge one another, but out of those conversations and explorations, we make better informed decisions.


What do you like most about living and doing business in the Greater Sacramento region?

There’s an energy here not found anywhere else. Sacramento has long been seen as a government town, but now it is undergoing a transformation into an energetic city with noted restaurants, a growing music scene, and an airport that serves as a gateway to the rest of the world. There’s a robust higher education system featuring a wealth of private and public universities positioned to train future generations to meet challenges and demands. As an executive, I’m excited about how the area is drawing in a new population of talented individuals, as well as a spirited synergy among private and public industries, led in part by GSEC.

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