Growth Factory

Greater Sacramento

Greater Sacramento’s growing innovation infrastructure supplies entrepreneurial resources, financing and collaboration for start-ups and businesses to grow and thrive. The Growth Factory, a regional pre-seed accelerator and accompanying venture fund, is a key resource to early stage companies.

The Growth Factory helps founders:

  • Rapidly test and validate product-market fit
  • Build and execute a go-to-market strategy
  • Run local pilot projects to help optimize solutions
  • Demonstrate early traction
  • Build case studies to attract additional funding and customers
  • Quickly and efficiently accomplish their fundraising goals

Programming includes workshops, mentorship, founder forums and office hours to accelerate learning, connect founders with experts and resources and provide community.

As part of the Global Accelerator Network (GAN), the Growth Factory also provides access to global resources such as $1M in perks, founder wellness support, industry specific mentors and global hot desk spaces for teams to drop in and work while traveling.

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View our Success Story series here to learn more about the advantages of doing business in Greater Sacramento and get additional insight into what’s driving the region’s economic momentum here.

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