The future of food & ag is in Greater Sacramento

Greater Sacramento

Greater Sacramento is where innovators are revolutionizing food and agriculture technology. Here, innovators have access to a strong supply chain, agricultural abundance – $2.25 billion total ag value – and the #1 agricultural sciences university in the nation, UC Davis. We’re proudly home to 3.36x the U.S. national average concentration of soil and plant scientists. With our talent and business climate, it’s no surprise that jobs within the industry here grew 10.6% last year.

Featured speakers:

  • Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (Assemblymember, District 4, California State Assembly)
  • Vanessa Castagna, PhD (Scientific Affairs Liaison, TurtleTree)
  • Pamela Marrone, PhD (Founder & CEO, Marrone Bio Innovations)
  • Chelsea Minor (Corporate Director, Consumer & Public Affairs, Raley’s Family of Fine Stores, Inc.)
  • Dr. Fatma Kaplan (Co-founder & CEO/CSO, Pheronym)
  • Leanna Sweha (Program Director, AgStart)
  • Mayra Vega (Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Woodland)

As mentioned during the program, AgStart recently opened a new facility featuring wet chemistry labs and coworking specs to serve food & ag innovators. Learn more about the space in the video below.

Learn more about food & ag in Greater Sacramento

Data sources: EMSI Industry Characteristics 2020, EMSI Occupation Characteristics 2020, California Department of Agriculture 2018-2019 County Reports

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