V3 Electric

Greater Sacramento

Why did you choose the Greater Sacramento region to do business?

V3’s Co-Founders are from the Greater Sacramento and Northern California area, so this region is where they call home and the community that they wanted to make an impact in. The Sacramento region is a great location with easy access to most of Northern California and is great source for hiring a mixed workforce, including recent grads from the Cal State and UC Systems. Also, Sacramento usually holds year-round good weather which is great for our business in the solar industry.

What are the benefits of living and doing business in the Greater Sacramento region?

All of the above! Sacramento enjoys easier commuting than other major California cities, which is great because majority of our staff can spend more time with family and friends rather than on the road. The Sacramento region offers great opportunities for both single workers and families to live, with plenty of activities for both.

Do you believe your location in the Greater Sacramento region has helped you find quality talent?

Yes, we have been able to find incredibly intelligent, motivated, and highly capable individuals to join our V3 team. We pride ourselves on our values and culture, where everyone works their way up from the bottom and we all grow together as a unit.

Why do you choose to do business in California over other states?

V3 believes in the power of choice and disrupting the established monopolies we call utility providers. With California on the forefront of clean, renewable energy, there is no better state where we can affect real change for our customers and throughout the state.

What is your favorite restaurant or hangout spot in the Greater Sacramento region?

Friends with Benedicts in El Dorado Hills. Definitely recommend for a nice breakfast/brunch location.

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“The Sacramento region offers great opportunities for both single workers and families to live, with plenty of activities for both.”

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