Jess Ison

Business Development Coordinator

Jess serves as the Business Development Coordinator and supports the day-to-day functions and activities of the department.

She comes from a diverse work background including furthering racial justice, educational equity, environmental justice, and most recently affordable housing. She believes these varying experiences allow her to understand the economy as a whole and she is excited to utilize her interdisciplinary expertise. She has led projects from conception to completion and handled multi-million dollar budgets.

As a first-generation college student as well as Filipina woman, Jess draws on her lived experiences and continually reflects on how she can make the work she does more equitable, accessible, inclusive, and compassionate. For Jess, she doesn’t believe she is self-made, but rather community-made and community-grown. She believes in centering community narratives and honoring histories, and she is excited to do both of these as she builds relationships within Greater Sacramento.

Jess graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelors of Science in Community and Regional Development, and a specialization in Policy, Planning, and Social Services. While there, she was highly involved in Filipino American collegiate endeavors and continues to work with the Filipino community at UC Davis.

In her free time, she likes to read (always looking for book recommendations!), attend concerts, enjoy outings with friends, and travel.

headshot photo of Jess Ison