Sadie St. Lawrence

Founder & CEO

Human Machine Collaboration Institute

Sadie St. Lawrence is the Founder and CEO of the Human Machine Collaboration Institute (HMCI). HMCI pioneers research and education, to optimize human and machine interaction in the new era of knowledge work with AI, serving leading public and private organizations. Prior to HMCI Sadie founded Women in Data™, a non-profit organization with representation in 55 countries, and a community of over 70,000 data professionals. Women in Data earned recognition as a Top 50 Leading Non-Profit and the foremost community for Women in AI and Tech in 2021.

With three degrees in piano performance, psychology, and data science, Sadie’s journey from neuroscience research to over a decade in data science and AI strategy showcases her diverse expertise. Her accolades include being named one of DataIQ’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Data (2024), Dataleum’s 30 Outstanding Women in Data (2023), Top 30 Women in AI (2022), Top 10 Most Admired Businesswoman (2021), Top 21 Influencer in Data (2021), and Top 30 Most Inspiring Women in AI (2021). She has also received the Outstanding Service Award from UC Davis (2019).

Additionally, Sadie’s leadership extends to her role on the White House Council for Equitable Data and AI Training, her contributions as a DARPA community member, hosting the award-winning Data Bytes podcast, and educating over 600,000 individuals through her data science and AI courses at UC Davis, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning.