Chrysanthy Demos

President & CEO

AKT Investments, Inc.

Chrysanthy “Chrysa” Demos is the President & CEO of AKT Investments. Mrs. Demos is a graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a Masters of Business Administration in Finance and Management, and she holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. She previously served as vice president of AKT Investments, where she focused on real estate management, financial analysis, entitlement procurement and strategic planning.

Mrs. Demos is active in numerous charitable endeavors, including the creation of the Pabna Association for General Education that created, built and funds a primary school in rural Bangladesh on the condition that girls be afforded equal enrollment opportunities. Mrs. Demos is also actively involved in the MIND Institute at UC Davis for the sturdy of neurological developmental disabilities. She speaks Greek, Italian, Spanish and Bengali, and resides in Sacramento, California with her husband George and two young boys.