Greater Sacramento, CA is experiencing incredible market momentum, culminating in the development of key projects that will change the region’s economic landscape. Investors and companies are taking note – interest in business relocations and expansions grew 19% 2021-2022.

A new report by Newmark and GSEC dives into the factors driving Greater Sacramento’s market momentum, including:


Population growth

Greater Sacramento was the fastest growing large metro in California 2016-2021, with accelerated growth expected 2021-2026. Net migration increased 56% in 2020.


The majority-minority region is home to the #2 most diverse city in the U.S. with continued growth expected among non-white populations. The region is also one of the top in the U.S. for diversity in tech.


Greater Sacramento is leaps and bounds ahead of peer markets in access to talent with 734,300+ students enrolled in two- and four-year institutions and 82,215 STEM completions within 100 miles.


Venture capital activity jumped significantly in the past year, including multiple IPOs, a $1.8 billion SPAC merger and an $800 million venture raise.

Download the report to see what’s driving our #CApitalMomentum