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Michael Korpiel

Michael Korpiel is the President – Sacramento Market at Dignity Health, President/CEO at Mercy San Juan Medical Center and a member of GSEC’s Board of Directors. Learn more about why he values economic development, working with GSEC and living and working in the Greater Sacramento region in the Q&A below.

As a regional leader, why is economic development important to you?

As the president of the Sacramento Market for Dignity Health, economics is important for me for several reasons. First and foremost, it means growth for the Sacramento region as a whole and as our economy develops and grows, that means more people are given the opportunity to earn a living and become an active member of our community. Health systems are in the business of meeting the community healthcare needs and at Dignity Health this is so important to us that we put it in our mission statement. As our region evolves and expands, more people have the opportunity to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Economic development helps to fuel the workforce pipeline, which results in greater access to healthcare for our community. Access to primary and specialty care increases the likelihood of people’s ability to stay healthy and well and to be productive members of society. Health is one of the paramount factors dictating the functioning of any economy.

What excites you most about being part of GSEC?

Being a part of GSEC is such an honor for me personally and a wonderful opportunity professionally with Dignity Health. To have the opportunity to be in the same room as some of the most talented business and thought leaders in Sacramento is amazing. It is not only an opportunity to hear what is happening in Sacramento but an opportunity to be involved in a meaningful way. I am excited about being involved in the expansion, and shaping the culture and economic success of this region. After more than 150 years in the region, Dignity Health is excited at the opportunity to continue to grow and evolve with the communities we serve. As a Sacramento area resident myself, this flourishing region provides my wife and I with a lifestyle we want to be a part of. Barry Broome and his team have a big vision for Sacramento and have the attitude that there is nothing that can’t be done. The collaborative spirit among the CEOs is amazing. Although we may be competitors, we are here for the same reason and that is to make each other better. By making my competition better, I become better. I like to call this ‘coopetition.’ Where we cooperate with each other at the same time we are competing with each other. This has a tendency to raise the bar for all and make everything better for the common good. What GSEC has done in the short time it has been in existence is inspiring.

What do you like most about living and doing business in the Greater Sacramento region?

When I moved here I was told the great part of living in Sacramento is it is so close to everything else – the Bay area, Napa, Tahoe, and Yosemite – implying that Sacramento doesn’t have a lot to offer. What I have found over the past several years is that my wife and I are spending all or most of our time in Sacramento and not in those surrounding areas. Sacramento indeed has a lot to offer and continues to grow in those offerings, from world-class entertainment venues to michelin star restuarants, and much more. My wife and I frequently can be seen at one of the local eateries or taking in one of the many performances in the downtown area. I love cycling and there are so many wonderful areas that have been developed to safely enjoy the outdoors. The list goes on and on from there.

From a business perspective healthcare is a vital part of the culture of Sacramento. Dignity Health has been in Sacramento as healthcare providers since the Sisters of Mercy came here during the Gold Rush days to meet the needs of the growing community. And we continue to deliver on this mission today. As the largest healthcare provider in the region, Dignity Health enjoys a very collaborative relationship with the other healthcare systems in the area, UC Davis, Kaiser and Sutter Health. We often work together to collectively ensure our communities are healthy and well. Sacramento has access to some of the best physicians and services that I have ever been around. And medical professionals come here because of the economic strength, innovation and diversity the region has to offer. Sacramento has been a wonderful part of our lives and I don’t see us leaving here for quite a while.

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