Clutch, A Woman-Owned Business, Unveils New Headquarters in Rancho Cordova



Female-led company plans to hire hundreds of new employees and partner with new Accelerator & Fund, MinervaVerse

Rancho Cordova, CA — Clutch, a leading woman-owned business specializing in consulting services for both private and public sectors, announced its new headquarters in the state capital of California region in Rancho Cordova. Renowned for delivering award-winning support across diverse disciplines, Clutch has rapidly grown to a current employee headcount of 140 since the start of the business in 2019, with plans to hire more than 600 individuals by 2027.

“We are thrilled to call Rancho Cordova our new home,” Rachel Zillner, CEO and Co-founder of Clutch said. “This move represents not just a physical expansion but an investment in the incredible talent and innovation that this region has to offer. We’re also looking forward to launching our female backed startup accelerator and incubator called MinervaVerse.”

Co-founder of Clutch Anne Descalzo echoes a similar sentiment, “Clutch has always been committed to breaking barriers and fostering diversity in entrepreneurship,” Descalzo said. “Our new headquarters will also serve as a hub for innovation closely aligned with Clutch, enabling us to propel female founders and entrepreneurs forward.”

The グレーターサクラメント経済評議会 assisted the company to secure $11 million from the State of California with the California Competes grant from the state, reinforcing its commitment to fostering economic growth in the region. This substantial investment underscores Clutch’s dedication to expanding its footprint and making a significant impact on both the local community and the business landscape.

“Clutch’s commitment to supporting women and traditionally under-supported entrepreneurs aligns seamlessly with our vision for a thriving and inclusive economy,” Greater Sacramento Economic Council President and CEO, Barry Broome said. The importance of focusing on female founders is essential as we grow our diverse economy and our entrepreneurial ecosystem within our organization. The impact of Clutch’s presence will be felt across the Sacramento region, fostering a more robust startup ecosystem.”

Clutch will occupy 2/3 of the space in the building and the first floor will be the coworking space: Frequency Coworking (and events space) and MinervaVerse; VC fund, accelerator, and incubator (coming in 2025).

Clutch will be the primary tenant moving into the 78,000 square feet of office space at 3249 Quality Dr. in Rancho Cordova, joined by Frequency Coworking and event space on the ground floor as well as the future MinervaVerse footprint. The capital expenditure is approximately $1.5 million with this new investment.

“We are proud to welcome Clutch to the City of Rancho Cordova,” said Micah Runner, City Manager of Rancho Cordova. “Clutch’s decision to establish roots in Rancho Cordova is a testament to the city’s growing appeal as a business innovation center for over 3,500 businesses that employ a growing workforce of 65,000+. We look forward to the positive impact this pioneering, women-owned business will have on our community and the greater Sacramento region.”

Clutch is honored to be recognized as the Sacramento Business Journal’s fastest-growing company, a testament to its dedication to excellence and innovation in every facet of its operations.


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About Clutch
Clutch is a woman-owned business services consulting firm dedicated to helping clients succeed in the public and private sectors. Headquartered in the Sacramento area, Clutch’s talented team provides award-winning support across multiple disciplines, including communications and marketing, IT and data analytics, event production, strategic planning, business process improvement, and more. Co-founded by two renowned banking and credit union leaders, Clutch takes a values-based and people-first approach to creating unparalleled experiences for employees, clients, and partners. As the Sacramento Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Company in the Sacramento region, Clutch continues to scale to support clients at the local, state, and federal level.

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