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EyeRate is a communication platform that aligns employee incentives with customer engagement, helping businesses improve their reputations across their digital channels. The SaaS company was founded by Sacramento natives and is headquartered in Elk Grove. EyeRate has been able to grow in Greater Sacramento thanks to the region’s tech talent, community resources and employee experience.

When asked why the company decided to put down roots in the region, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer Michael Arredondo said,

“We felt like we’re in the backyard of Silicon Valley. There’s an overflowing amount of talent that is starting to make their way out here to the Valley and to Sacramento. I think a lot of those people — some of the smartest people in the world — are realizing that Sacramento is a more cost-effective place to live, a great place to be able to raise a family and they can benefit from being an hour-and-a-half away from San Francisco and Silicon Valley.”

EyeRate has also had success hiring from the region’s universities — UC Davis and Sacramento State. Keith Rull, EyeRate’s Vice President of Engineering, said, “There’s a lot of good engineering talent here in Sacramento… People are very, very diverse. The skills are awesome.”

Another key to EyeRate’s success has been the partnerships and resources its secured from the local government, startup groups and venture capitalists. “There’s just a ton of support to be able to attract talent,” Arredondo said. In September 2020, EyeRate was approved for a grant worth up to $75,000 from the City of Elk Grove. The incentive was awarded as part of the Startup Elk Grove Incentive Program, which provides technical and financial assistance to launching and scaling startups, and for co-working and incubator facilities that support them.

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