Citrus Heights Block Party Trailer

engagED voices feature key initiatives in the region to educate community members about the developments underway in our region. For this month’s feature, we talked with Citrus Heights Economic Development and Community Engagement Director, Meghan Huber, about the Citrus Heights Block Party Trailer. Read on to learn more.

Please provide a high-level overview of the project.

Citrus Heights created the Community Block Party Trailer program as a tool to address our community’s desire to connect after the distance caused by the pandemic. The Block Party Trailer is a resource for residents, neighborhood associations and community organizations to encourage community connection and engagement.

The trailer has everything a group needs to host a community event, including tables, chairs, coolers, a sound system, trash receptacles, lawn games and more. This community amenity is available for reservation on a first-come, first-served basis and so far has been in attendance at National Night Out, a neighborhood area movie night and a sock hop, with even more events on the horizon. City of Citrus Heights staff will even drop off and pick up the trailer to make the process seamless.

The Community Block Party Trailer helps our community come together and meets them where they are, right outside their front door, so they can build connections and get to know their neighbors. This initiative is helping make Citrus Heights a more welcoming and safer place for everyone.


How is this project promoting partnership and inclusion within the Greater Sacramento region?

The Community Block Party Trailer is building relationships throughout Citrus Heights and our neighboring areas by bringing people together at the grassroots level. Grassroots neighborhood engagement not only creates connection, but it’s also proven to prevent crime and increase civic engagement, resulting in a safer and more inclusive community.

The Block Party Trailer is also utilized at City-hosted events, like City Scoop or our Public Works Showcase, where we collaborate with local and regional partners to provide information, resources and neighborhood engagement. The Block Party Trailer also contributed to regional workforce development efforts at the Citrus Heights Public Works Showcase where regional partners, like SacRT, SMUD and Cal American Water raise visibility and awareness of public works careers. Our Community Block Party Trailer is crucial in making these events a success!


What is your long-term vision for this project? How do you imagine it will evolve over time?

The City of Citrus Heights has a strategic goal to “Enhance community vibrancy and engagement” and the Community Block Party Trailer is a Swiss army knife tool in the community engagement toolbox. It saves our residents time, money and hassle while helping any type of neighborhood event come to life: block parties, movie nights, volunteer cleanups and more.  The City’s hope for the Community Block Party Trailer is that it inspires residents to get to know each other and the program is fully utilized at neighborhood events throughout the year. More resident connections will strengthen Citrus Heights neighborhood areas and achieve our shared goal of creating a more vibrant and engaged community.


Is there anything you’d like the community to know about this project, or any ways they can get involved or support its success?

The Community Block Party Trailer is available to all Citrus Heights residents who would like to host a public event in our community. If you’re interested in reserving the trailer or learning more about it, you can visit If you are not a resident of Citrus Heights and would like to hear about community events where the Block Party Trailer is headed next, we recommend following us on Facebook and Instagram @cityofcitrusheights.

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