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Online Grocery Store Looking for 35,000 Square Feet while Expanding Services to Sacramento Region

Sacramento, CA Buffalo Market, an online farm-to-door delivery grocery store startup, announced on Thursday the company will be moving their headquarters from the Bay Area to the Sacramento region. The online grocery store is expanding delivery services to the Sacramento region fitting into the reputation as the farm-to-fork capital.

Buffalo Market is a digital online grocery store that offers an organic approach to grocery delivery from the farm direct to your door. The online grocery store provides its customers next day delivery of fresh groceries, typically received the night before, primarily sourced from growers and suppliers within Northern California and the Central Valley.

“We are looking forward to relocating our headquarters and expanding grocery services in the Sacramento region. We believe it will be the perfect fit for this market,” Buffalo Market CEO Adam Olejniczak said. “Buffalo Market is already committed to helping delicious produce from the Central Valley reach customers quickly. It makes sense to support local growers and producers who want to export their products into new markets around the globe, so we can support more growth and jobs in California.”

Buffalo Market is looking to add up to 400 jobs in the Greater Sacramento region within the next two years. The company plans to finalize its location within the region and to set up operations by the end of the year. The company decided to relocate its headquarters and expand into the region because of their strong support and assistance from the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, local business community and governments all of whom make doing business in the region one of the most turnkey options in the state.

“This is another great example of a Bay Area company that is looking to expand in our market because of our close proximity to great produce in the Central Valley,” Greater Sacramento President & CEO Barry Broome said. “Our region provides startups the flexibility to scale with our real estate options and business-friendly market.”

Buffalo Market is already popular in both the San Francisco and Los Angeles markets and is increasingly reliant on growers and producers in the Central Valley. Serving customers in the greater Sacramento market makes perfect sense as the company sources more and more produce throughout the region. Sacramento residents can now enjoy the same quality and freshness as one would expect from the region, but delivered easily to their door.

“Since launching the company in the Bay Area, we’re excited by the growth we’ve seen. As we continue to scale in order to reach more customers, it was apparent Greater Sacramento is the ideal market for us to operate from,” Olejniczak said. “The real estate options are better suited for our growth than what we saw in the Bay Area, and the community is passionate about supporting high-quality food and those that produce it, just like we are.”

The Sacramento region, which is California’s agricultural hub, has seen astronomical growth in organic production over the past few decades, making it an ideal place to continue the conversation around ideas that are changing the way our food is grown.

In addition, Buffalo Market is working with Alexis Garrett of JLL to find a facility and open operations by the end of the year. “We are thrilled to support Buffalo Market in their expansion to the Sacramento region,” JLL Senior Vice President Alexis Garrett said. “Utilizing last-mile logistics technology that brings farm fresh and locally sourced products right to your doorstep, Buffalo Market is grocery delivery 3.0.”

Food production is an integral part of the Central Valley ecosystem alongside a strong sense of environmentalism. From supporting local beekeepers to local artisan dairies, Buffalo Market puts these values together, supporting food that is fresher, tastier, and better for both you and the environment.

About Buffalo Market

Buffalo Market is a pioneering company putting fresh, local groceries in the palm of your hand, and on a mission to reinvent the food system for good. The Bay-Area based company is the only grocer that focuses on local, affordable produce. Buffalo Market’s online experience is the simplest way to have a farmers’ market experience that is affordable every day of the week, allowing you to feed your family fresher, tastier food at lower prices than conventional grocery stores. Visit https://www.buffalomarket.com

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